January 25, 2020

How do you convince anyone to attend a 7 am meeting on Saturday morning? You don’t if they are pediatricians and pediatric practice managers.

Anyone attending the Pediatric Management Institute (PMI) meeting in Miami this week was immediately infected with the passion and energy of our Pediatric community. Pediatricians address all aspects of our children - their physical, mental, social, and emotional well being. They also work perhaps harder than any other healthcare specialists despite lower pay. They represent the best in all of us. Our pediatricians are humble, eager to learn, strong advocates, and quick to share a laugh.

Prapela is at PMI to introduce SVS technology and our work to help console hyper-irritable newborns. Our participation was funded by winning the Pediatric SuperGroup Pitch Competition last May. We’ve used this opportunity to explain how SVS improves cardiorespiratory function and relaxation, as reported in peer-reviewed journals. Pediatricians were quick to understand how a non-habit forming vibration boosts pacemaker neurons responsible for breathing and heart-rate. They also embraced our goal to keep SVS technology affordable and easy to use.

Prapela would like to thank PMI and all the Pediatricians we met in Miami. Once again, we are inspired by your relentless work to improve the health and wellness of our children.

So, if you haven’t thanked your Pediatrician and staff lately – please do. And please discourage friends that use urgent care and retail clinics for diagnoses and treatments for their children. Take them to a pediatrician that will get to know them, their history, and their dreams. Pediatricians - we owe them so much.

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