March 17, 2020

With COVID-19, it is more important than ever for manufacturers to be fact-based about their products. So, we'd like to explain why

Prapela uses Sure-Chek antimicrobial fabric in all our products. 

Sure-Chek is a unique healthcare fabric we use to cover the sleeping pads in all Prapela products. Made in the USA, Sure-Chek includes a controlled-release antimicrobial additive that helps protect the material from microbial attack. The antimicrobial surface is effective for the life of the fabric and helps protect against viruses, bacteria, yeasts, molds, and fungi that can cause stains.*

Why we use Sure-Chek: 

We believe infant sleep pads used at home should meet the same standards for hospital bassinet pads. Since Sure-Chek is perhaps the #1 fabric for hospital bassinet pads, it became our obvious choice. We also source as much of the material that goes into our products from US-based suppliers. Made by Herculite of Emigsville, Pennsylvania, we found a proven, trustworthy partner. Lastly, we like the fact that Sure-Chek provides a non-penetrable surface protecting our sleeping pads from liquid and bodily waste. 

Additional Benefits of Prapela sleeping pads covered with Sure-Chek healthcare fabric include:

Phthalate Free


Fluid Resistant

Flame Resistant 

Easy to Clean

Please keep in mind that Sure-Chek has not been tested for its effectiveness against COVID-19. If and when the manufacturer of Sure-Chek tests against COVID-19, we'll be sure to share the results. 

Our products are in stock, shipped from our warehouse in Portland, Maine, and will reach most US residences in two-days. 

We are in this together

As parents and grandparents and relations to newborns, we sure your concerns about COVID-19. We're proud to be working on products from the USA to improve the health and wellness of newborns. Thanks for your support. 

*Source; Herculite Healthcare Fabrics

Sure-Chek is a registered trademark of Herculite Products, Inc.

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