March 19, 2020

As reported by the New York Times a new study reports babies are susceptible to COVID-19. The Epidemiological Characteristics of 2143 Pediatric Patients With 2019 Coronavirus Disease in China study found “More than 60 percent of the 125 children who became severely ill or critically ill were age 5 or younger. Forty of those were infants, under 12 months old.” The infants in the study experienced pneumonia or lung problems, and the severe cases reported respiratory or organ failure.


Babies at risk:

Also, in London this past week, an infant contracted COVID-19, though, it is unclear if the infant contracted COVID-19 in utero or post-birth. 

And it’s important to remember, premature infants and infants born with health complications are more susceptible as their immune system is weak, and their lung capacity is underdeveloped impacting overall cardiorespiratory functioning. 

What can we do: 

First, follow the CDC guidelines for prevention and treatment. 

Additionally, we should make smart product choices and understand who makes our products and where they are made. Prapela is proud to assemble and ship our products in the United States. A vast majority of our components are made in smaller towns including South Portland and Biddeford Maine, as well as Lawrence, Holyoke, and Somerville, Massachusetts. A few components including our electrical plug are imported. With shipping from Maine, our products reach most US residences in two-days.  

What is Prapela doing: 

First, we’re working to provide safe products made to the highest standards. Parts of our SVS baby box meet or exceed the requirement of hospital bassinets. Our founders are experts in medical devices and we put our knowledge into every decision we make about our products.

Next, Prapela SVS was initially developed to help premature babies in hospitals breathe. Published results in Pediatrics, the Journal of the American Pediatric Association, indicate SVS helps preterm babies with apnea breathe better and improve oxygenation. So, we are pursuing clearance with the Food & Drug Administration for our technology. In the meantime, we’re proud to offer the SVS baby box to help console fussy babies with a non-habit forming vibration that is sleep-cycle friendly.


Q: Is it safe to receive a package shipped from Prapela?

A: According to the WHO and CDC, both have stated the likelihood of catching the COVID-19 virus by touching cardboard or other shipping containers is low.  Still, we suggest once you receive a Prapela product via UPS to sanitize or wash your hands both before and after opening the shipping box.

Q: How will Prapela products help my baby during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: Prapela uses Sure-Chek antimicrobial fabric in all our products, the antimicrobial surface is effective for the life of the fabric and helps protect against viruses, bacteria, yeasts, molds, and fungi that can cause stains. Please keep in mind that Sure-Chek has not been tested for its effectiveness against COVID-19. If and when the manufacturer of Sure-Chek tests against COVID-19, we'll be sure to share the results.

Q: Can I help Prapela help more babies??

A: Introducing a new technology like SVS to help babies takes a village.  Even though SVS has been studied for over ten years, we still have more to learn.  So, if you happen to purchase one of our products, we’d love to hear how it helps your baby and yourself.  Please leave comments on our social media posts or drop us an email at

Q: Where can I find the NY Times article?

A: Right here, at Children and Coronavirus: Research Finds Some Become Seriously Ill 

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