May 06, 2020

SVS is in a baby box because a baby box provides a safe, economical, and environmentally responsible way of delivering our breakthrough technology. Still, some individuals and organizations have concerns about baby boxes. So, we’d like to share our view on the more common concerns.  

SIDS Prevention. Infant sleep experts are correct; there is no evidence baby boxes reduce SIDS. There is no evidence that cribs, bassinets, playpens, or other infant sleep products reduce SIDS. The good news is that just like cribs and bassinets; a baby box provides a space for your baby to sleep alone, on their back and on a firm, flat surface - precisely what infant sleep experts promote for safe infant sleep.

Safety Requirements. Baby boxes are relatively new in the United States. So, ASTM, the organization responsible for developing infant sleep product requirements used by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, is working on the first baby box standards. In the meantime, several baby box providers are producing products consistent with draft guidance.

Poor Visibility. Because baby boxes don’t use mesh panels, it’s been mentioned they make it difficult to see a baby. When placed on the floor, an average size woman can see a baby lying on their back and inside a Prapela baby box from 11 feet away. The average size man can see a baby from 13 feet, which is more than adequate considering the standard size bedroom in a US home measures 11 feet by 12 feet. 

Restricted Airflow. It has also been said a problem with baby boxes is that they restrict airflow. Yet, today, and for the past several decades, the standard of care in hospital nurseries is a small, clear plastic bassinet with impermeable walls. Simply put, there is no evidence that the walls of hospital bassinets or baby boxes increase health risks by reducing airflow.

Flammability. Yes, a box will ignite and burn. Similarly, materials in cribs, bassinets, and other infant sleep products will also ignite, burn, and melt. In case of a fire, we believe anyone can pull a baby out from a baby box faster than a bassinet or a crib.

Water/Moisture Resistance and Cleaning. A typical baby box has three layers of materials, an outside layer, the middle corrugate, and an inside liner. The Prapela baby box uses a specialty inside liner produced in Finland, where baby boxes have been used since 1938. The liner is resistant to moisture, bodily fluids and can be cleaned with a damp cloth or wipe. Additionally, the outside layer provides resistance to water, fluids, and high humidity conditions. All of this is done to make baby boxes resistant to water, bodily fluids, and high humidity.  

Intrusion by siblings and pets. No infant sleep product provides absolute protection from intrusion by older children or pets. Further, there are no safety guidelines for bassinets, cribs, and playpens that specifically test and verify for intrusion from another child or pet.  

Handles and Lids are Dangerous. We agree, which is why Prapela’s baby box does not have handles or a lid. Even though our baby box can hold in excess of 50 pounds, carrying a baby box will obstruct a person's view and increase the risk of tripping. Additionally, no baby should be placed in a fully-enclosed product designed for infant sleep.

Risk of Falling. Yes, any infant product placed on a table, countertop, or off the floor has a risk of falling. Certainly, cribs and playpens, because of their size, reduce this potential risk. Unfortunately, not all the places where babies live are large enough to accommodate these larger, heavier infant sleep products. To help meet the needs of a majority of dwellings, Prapela’s instructions indicate our baby box should be placed on the floor that is firm and dry.

Useful for up to 3 months. Depending on an infant’s growth, baby boxes have been used from newborns up to 6 months of age. Based on our experience, we feel confident recommending the use of our baby box up to 3 months of age, or 25 pounds or until an infant begins to push up on hands and knees - whichever comes first.  

Durability. If during normal use, the Prapela baby box is damaged, we replace the box for free. Still, many baby boxes have been repurposed for months sometimes years after their use as a safe sleep space.

Thank you!  We appreciate the opportunity to share our view on baby boxes. We are excited to start our company by providing the benefits of SVS technology in a safe, economical, and environmentally responsible product. Finally, because so many babies are raised in smaller spaces, we believe baby boxes provide a useful solution for so many parents worldwide.

Our mission as a company is to help every newborn breathe, relax, and sleep, globally! With a global mission, you need to have a product that is easy to ship, causes no fuss when putting it together and compact for smaller living spaces.

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