May 15, 2020

Many times we’ve been asked, ”is there anything like SVS to relax newborns?”

Yes. The vibration inside a car traveling at 40 miles per hour is similar to SVS.  A car's suspension reduces jiggles, creating a gentle vibration. And an uneven road surface randomly changes the vibration. Amazingly, one study reported, "new parents drove an average of 1,322 miles per year to put their kids to sleep."

Explanations for why car rides work are as different as our babies. One popular idea is that car motion mimics movement in the womb. Another theory is that noise inside a car is a "white" noise that muffles other distracting sounds. And there is the belief that the comfort of a car seat relaxes newborns. There is limited scientific evidence supporting these explanations. More importantly, driving a baby around in a car is not a safe sleep practice.

Developed by Dr. David Paydarfar, a leading neurologist, and a multidisciplinary team at a leading University, SVS is supported by science. Stochastic (meaning random) Resonance, is a rather new field that explains how random stimulation promotes healthy rhythmic breathing. Healthy rhythmic breathing helps babies relax. Further, SVS is so gentle that it does not interrupt infant sleep cycles.  

So, like the gentle, random vibration in a moving car, SVS can help relax your newborn. Better than a car ride, the Prapela SVS baby box is a safe sleep space. Following safe sleep practices, lie your baby flat on their back on the firm mattress inside the box. Turn SVS on to help your baby relax and sleep, especially when your baby is extra fussy.

Please remember, the Prapela SVS baby box is not a substitute for the benefits of skin to skin contact, swaddling, and holding your baby. Additionally, like a car ride, SVS may not help all newborns relax and sleep. That's why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee and free returns. If your baby becomes irritable from SVS, simply go to and print out a return label.  

We're Prapela, introducing a new way to relax newborns.

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