Prapela recognized by M2D2 as a promising medtech startup

March 28, 2018

Prapela to pitch SVS to improve infant health & wellness

Lowell, MA - Mar 28, 2018 - Prapela has been selected as one of 20 promising medtech startups in the 7th annual M2D2 Challenge.  Co-founder John Konsin will explain how SVS technology offered by Prapela, Inc. has been shown to improve infant breathing, relaxation and sleep at the Pitch-Off event at UMass Lowell.  The Challenge is focused on identifying and rewarding disruptive companies in the medical technology and biotechnology industries. 

According to Prapela, 62% of healthy infants and a greater percentage with chronic conditions experience irregular cardiorespiratory function and sleep-disordered breathing issues.  These instabilities range from episodes of shallow breathing to adverse events that can impact cognitive and behavioral development.  Prapela's Stochastic Vibro-tactile Stimulation (SVS) technology produces a random sub arousal vibration which nurtures healthy rhythmic breathing and heart rates, helping infants relax.  SVS is non-habit forming and does not interrupt infant sleep cycles. 


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