Prapela takes top honors in “Next-Gen Baby Box QuickFire Challenge”

December 04, 2017

In the country that made the Baby Box world famous, Prapela took top honors in the "Next-Gen Baby Box QuickFire Challenge"

HELSINKI, FINLAND - Dec 4, 2017 - The Prapela® SVS Baby Box was selected over 135 entries from 17 different countries as a leading innovation to promote child health and facilitate healthy parenting. As the top prize winner, Prapela received $75,000 in funding as well as support from Johnson & Johnson, Janssen, the Finnish Innovation Fund - Sitra, Tekes - the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

"We are humbled to have the opportunity to extend the legacy of the Finnish Baby Box from a safe sleep environment to a product that improves infant health," said John Konsin, CEO and Co-founder of Prapela. "This award will help provide the means to complete product development and begin a pilot launch," said Konsin. In addition to Prapela, two other winners were announced - Callmidwife and iDE8 - out of the seven international finalists.

Prapela's core competency is the application of stochastic vibro-tactile stimulation (SVS) to infant health. SVS is a gentle, random vibration that is sleep-cycle friendly and non-habit forming.  Clinical studies demonstrate SVS can enhance the rhythmicity of infant breathing and improve relaxation.  Since winning  the “Next-Gen Baby Box QuickFire Challenge” Prapela has improved the quality and reduced the costs of SVS to make it affordable for both medical and consumer baby products.

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