Prapela Wins $1,000,000

August 27, 2019

The Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge recognizes Prapela's SVS for the treatment of opioid-exposed newborns.

CONCORD, MA – August 27, 2019 – Prapela, Inc. has been awarded $1,000,000 for its efforts to improve the treatment of opioid-exposed newborns in the Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge.   Prapela SVS is a gentle, random vibration that improves breathing, heart rate, and relaxation in newborns as they withdraw from opioids they were exposed to during pregnancy.  The withdrawal condition is known as neonatal abstinence syndrome or NAS.

In the United States, a baby is diagnosed with NAS every 15 minutes.  Newborns with NAS often experience tremors, breathing problems, and hyperirritability as they suffer through withdrawal.  There is no standard treatment for NAS. Hospitals and long-term care organizations are seeking drug-free solutions for initial treatment and for consoling babies at home after discharge.

The Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge previously awarded Prapela and eleven other companies with a $200,000 award in September of 2018.  During 2019 Prapela was challenged to use it’s $200,000 to advance SVS and better understand acceptance among physicians, nurses, and therapists.  All twelve contestants provided their final report and presented their progress to independent judges in August.  Four organizations, including Prapela, were selected and received $1,000,000 each.

"We learned so much this past year from physicians, nurses, and therapists about our solution.  This award will accelerate the availability of our reusable hospital bassinet pad with SVS and support the NAS community of caregivers,”  said John Konsin, Co-founder and CEO of Prapela, Inc.  John further added, “I'm not sure I'll ever be able to thank Ohio and its citizens adequately.  But, I am sure that I will do my best to help improve lives and reduces the costs of treating and supporting opioid-exposed newborns and their mothers.  We are humbled to receive this award.”

Headquartered in Concord, Massachusetts, Prapela, Inc. is an infant health company focused on the application of SVS technology to improve infant health.  Prapela's first product, the Prapela® SVS baby box to soothe irritable babies at home, is for sale at – the company’s website.  For more information on Prapela, Inc. contact John Konsin at (833) 772-7352 or

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