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Prapela sleeping pads are covered with Sure-Chek antimicrobial health-care fabric.  While not tested against COVID-19, the controlled release antimicrobial agent in Sure-Chek fabric helps protect the fabric from microbial attack including viruses, bacteria, yeasts, molds and fungi that can cause stains

When to USE Prapela SVS

Use SVS whenever your baby is hyperirritable or extremely fussy.  The gentle, random vibration is intended to help console and relax your baby.  We like to think of it as first aid for extremely fussy babies

Most any vibration can initially startle and stop an infant from crying,  SVS has several unique characteristics including its randomness, intensity and how it behaves as it is turned on and cycles off.  Several years of development, testing and clinical trials have resulted in a patented technology to improve infant health and wellness.  Commonly found monotonos vibrations with multiple settings can be habit forming and provide no clinical evidence in respected medical journals.

Because SVS relaxes an infant, it may help your baby fall asleep.  However, it is for anytime you need help to calm, relax or console an extremely fussy baby.

Yes.  Since SVS is so gentle it will not disrupt your infants sleep.

While clinical evaluations have shown SVS helps most babies your baby may not become more relaxed with SVS.  If SVS seems to make your baby more irritable, please stop using the product and return it to Prapela for a refund.  We would love to hear about your experience with SVS.

Yes and you may find that SVS will help relax your baby that is reacting to the discomfort of acid-reflux.

Our work with SVS has been with newborns which is why its available only in the SVS Pop-Up. It is for the first 100 days of life. 

Due to the precise nature of SVS, we recommend the purchase of a new SVS Bassinet Pad for your next child. 

Yes, and we ask that you have your child care center consider purchasing from Prapela and providing the benefits of the SVS Bassinet Pad to other infants.  The medical grade fabric and organic cotton sheets are easy to clean and sanitize.


No.  The random nature of SVS means your baby will not become dependent on the vibration to relax, fall asleep or stay asleep.

Besides using extremely low levels of power to create the vibration, the unit uses a UL listed power supply meaning it meets published and nationally recognized standards for safety.  Other components of the baby box were selected considering the importance of infant health and they include CertiPUR-US® foam covered with a medical grade fabric,  100% organic cotton sheets and a medical grade adhesives and polymers.

Prapela SVS is barely perceptible to the touch and ear.  It was developed and proven to not interrupt sleep cycles and because its random it is non-habit forming.

SVS was purposely developed to not interfere or disrupt an infant’s natural, active and quiet sleep cycles.  Additionally, as SVS is turned on and off it will not disrupt sleep cycles.  We call it sleep cycle friendly.  Stronger vibrations can disrupt sleep cycles and even wake your baby.

No.  The Prapela SVS Bassinet Pad is designed for safe sleep for one infant at a time.

Operating SVS

As long as the green light is illuminated, SVS will stay on for 3 hours and then off for 3 hours and then repeat.  This 3-hour cycle has been used in the clinical evaluation of the product.  When the green light is off so is SVS.  When you remove your baby, please turn off SVS.

No, SVS has only one proven setting.  There is no adjustment or guess work to find a setting that works for your baby.

About the baby box

It measures 26 inches long by 16 inches wide and 9.5 inches tall.  With the SVS vibrating platform and sleeping pad the Prapela Pop-Up weights approximately 6.5 pounds.

Our uniquePop-Up provides a more affordable, safe sleep environment for newborns.  We’re focused on bringing the benefits of SVS to as many families and caregivers as possible.  Our “Made in USA” product is lightweight and portable making it easy to take along on visits to family and friends.

Yes. We designed the carton that was used to ship your Prapela SVS Pop-Up with a built-in handle to make it easy to travel with and store. Please note the carton is too large as a carry on for most air carriers.

The pop-up is durable.  However, it is not made for daily folding and opening.  Collapse the Pop-Up only when needed and you should enjoy it throughout your baby’s first six-months.

Foam color is affected by UV light, oxidation and temperature.  The more you keep the vibration platform in the bottom of the baby box the less likely it is to change color.  This is a normal process of foam and under normal use will not impact the effectiveness of SVS or compromise product safety.  We intentionally reduce the use of color fast dyes and chemicals in our foams to mask this natural process of foam.

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